PRISMA 3 - Arte digtal cubano y criptomercado

In its quest to contribute to the promotion and presence of Cuban art through its artists, ArteMorfosis – Cuban Art Platform, convened ‘PRISMA 3 – Cuban Digital Art and crypto Art Market’, with the purpose of encouraging the presence of Cuban artists in the art spaces of NFTs, a phenomenon that in recent years has been increasing in importance and creating a universe of new commercial possibilities.

In response to this call for artists, a total of twenty-nine works by the same number of artists were received, which were evaluated by a jury that, after rigorous analysis, reached the final conclusions and selected the ten winners. The jury was made up of Virginia Alberdi, art critic and curator; Antonio Margolles, visual artist and teacher; Gladys Garrote, curator and teacher; Sandra García Herrera, gallery owner; and Pilar Vázquez, coordinator of ArteMorfosis.

The objective of ArteMorfosis was to show the world that Cuban artists are no strangers to digital art and to encourage established artists accustomed to more traditional distribution channels to familiarize themselves with the technologies and peculiarities of the NFT marketplace. Unfortunately, the participation of emerging and renowned artists was low, a fact that took us by surprise as we believe that the experience would stimulate their artistic development and ensure greater visibility and new contacts. For all those who missed this opportunity ArteMorfosis reiterates our goal to inspire Cuban artists to debut in the NFT world, and we are continuing our active support on our telegram channel.

At the same time, and perhaps because of the little experience in these conflicts, some of the works presented did not have sufficient quality in their performance and mastery of the techniques used or showed a limited spirit of experimentation and search for novel results. Also, the Jury mentioned that some pricing expectations were outside of customary ranges.

The awarded works however, surpassed all the requirements and the Jury recognized them both for their technical and imaginative elements. The winners are:

Nadia DíazBlood Queen, 2021
from the series
La línea de la vida no es solo flores
Octavio IrvingIntersecciones, 2019
from the series
Modelando la memoria
Milton Portales¡Mira mamá, un pajarito!
from the series
Tales from Japan
Paolo De The Warrior’s failure, 2021
from the series
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Ailen MaletaDeriva, 2021
from the series
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Yinet PereiraSubstancia, 2020
Carlos ViláSinfonía #4, 2021
from the series
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Andy Frank Pérez Peace out, 2021
César ViláLibre, 2020
from the series
Mientras tanto en el cielo
Alejandro OrtizLa fuente, 2016

The ten selected works (see them on facebook) include both moving and still images, which their authors use to express social questions, moods, personal experiences, metaphors of everyday life, playful environments, sensations, and amalgamated experiences.

NFTs will be minted for all selected works and can be purchased directly from the artist.

Prisma 3 - Arte Digital Cubano y Criptomercado
Prisma 3 – Arte Digital Cubano y Criptomercado