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  • Alejandro Gómez Cangas: One Crowd – Many Paths

    Alejandro Gómez Cangas: One Crowd – Many Paths

    In June of last year, at the gallery our platform then hosted at Rämistrasse 33, Zurich, we launched a successful exhibition by Alejandro Gómez Cangas. Open just before the Art Basel 2022 fair, the ‘Germinal’ exhibition caught the attention of several critics, specialists, and art collectors. On display were pieces from several of the artist’s…

  • Embracing Change and Expanding Horizons

    Embracing Change and Expanding Horizons

    After seven remarkable years in Zürich, Artemorfosis is ready for the next exciting chapter in our journey. We’re moving forward and taking our passion for Cuban art straight to its very heart – Havana. Our unwavering commitment to representing and helping Cuban artists find their audience remains our guiding principle, and we’re enthusiastic about embracing…

  • Live Artist Performance with 3D Virtual Art

    Live Artist Performance with 3D Virtual Art

    La Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) and ArteMorfosis present 8 artists on 8 evenings painting 3D objects with Tilt-Brush

  • Art In Pandemic Times

    Art In Pandemic Times

    Commentary to PRISMA – New Years Resolutions by Virigina Alberdi The pandemic  No one imagined the devastating effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. No country in the world has been spared. In addition to the millions of infections and the consequent lethality the economy is in crisis and the social fabric is being ruptured. Culture…

  • New Location – New Concept

    New Location – New Concept

    Save The Date: October 3rd, 6 pm ArteMorfosis is opening a new Location in October, 2019. After over four years at Rämistrasse 31 – where we have mainly shown solo- and curator- exhibitions – we are switching up gears and intensifying ArteMorfosis’ presence online and in different digital distribution channels. With that, the requirements for…

  • Onay Rosquet – ATTACHMENTS

    Onay Rosquet – ATTACHMENTS

    Exhibition: January 11 through March 16, 2019 Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm Onay Rosquet (Havanna, *1987) takes inventory of our lives. He demonstrates: We can not give up our “attachments”, cannot live on bread alone. As insignificant as every object, every meaning appears, in their totality they show our life.…