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PRISMA – The Colors of Crisis – has been an extraordinary stimulating initiative for ArteMorfosis. From its initiation in June 2020, until now we experienced a tremendously rewarding collaboration with over 50 artists and were able to display over 100 works. But most of all we are amazed by the viewers – The works were shown to over 300’000 viewers and we experienced over 120’000 engagements of some sort on Facebook.

Thank you to all for visiting our online album and casting your ‘like’ for the works that deserve it – and the outcome of which we can communicate today.

The results of our Facebook focused initiative is not comparable with a contest where a jury considers the artistic merits of the works. Rather, our results reflect a mix between artistic value, aesthetics and the online connectedness of the artists. Not all participants have large numbers of online followers; also, conceptual art is hard to convey in the distracting diversity of a Facebook album. Consequently, some works of high artistic value might not have made the top 10 list and might not have crossed the thresholds to be exhibited in their own online exhibition.

We have enjoyed the high number of visitors and interactions we were able to generate with PRISMA and are convinced that all participants have profited from their participation by increased visibility on Facebook. All participating works remain online and can be purchased on artsy until October 16, 2020.

Voting Results:

Top 10 Artists with most voted Works

1 Adrián Socorro Start from the farm, 2020
2 Osy Milián Pole, 2020
3 Frank David Valdés Leitmotiv, 2020
4 José Luis Lorenzo One thing is with guitar, 2020
5 Gerardo Liranza Resignification, 2020
6 Lisandra Isabel García Dangerous relationships, 2019
7 Jany Batista Vega & José Miguel Cano Order from chaos, 2020
8 Alejandra Oliva Oliveros y Manuel Daniel Lugo Rodríguez Broken Values, 2020
9 Evelyn Aguilar Sánchez Studies for an armor
10 Duvier del Dago Untitled

In the coming days, ArteMorfosis will contact all participants who achieved these goals, we are looking forward to our future collaborations.

If you are interested in seeing these exhibitions subscribe to the ArteMorfosis page on Facebook or register your email on our website and we will inform you when the exhibitions go online.

ArteMorfosis lays high importance on the fact that the above results reflect a fair outcome of this call for artists. The above result lists do not include all works that achieved a high number of likes, since some entries had to be excluded on ground of unfair purchasing of likes. During the voting phase we observed the votes coming in for all works and when noticing extraordinary increases in likes we inspected the profiles to ensure that they came from real Facebook users. With a variety of criteria we identified fake profiles and documented these cases. On reaching a threshold of more than 100 fake profiles we excluded the work from our results. Be aware that this does not necessarily mean the artist was cheating, but somebody had purchased fake likes for these profiles and it would not have been fair to include them in the results.

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