PRISMA 4 - Curation in Virtual Spaces

Behind many exhibitions of visual arts is the figure of the curator, in charge of spinning themes and speeches, to function as an interpreter between the receiver and a certain aesthetic proposal.

The Havana Biennial has been, throughout its history, an eminently curatorial event, focused on reflecting on the problems of the Third World through the art produced in these regions. Coinciding with the 14th edition of it, ArteMorfosis proposes to encourage curatorial practice as a creative exercise, generator of meanings and knowledge that provide new readings about Cuban art and its context.

But, what are the new potentialities and challenges for virtual curation and museography in the era of the metaverse? The use of digital resources in order to create a different experience between user, work, artist and space also offers the possibility of imagining dissimilar versions of the same exhibition. The same theme or motivation, different staging, new approaches with which to experiment and understand art.

This call is aimed at Cuban curators, over 18 years of age and based in Cuba, who may participate individually or as a group.

This call for Curators is open until March 4th, 2022, the winners will be published on March 25th with their entries as virtual exhibitions