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  • PRISMA 6 – CORPUS – Poetry of the Human Figure

    PRISMA 6 – CORPUS – Poetry of the Human Figure

    Celebrating Artistic Interpretations of the Human Figure ArteMorfosis proudly presents “Corpus,” a showcase of the Jury Selection of exceptional works from our PRISMA 6 – CORPUS call for artists. This exhibition delves into artistic creativity and digital presentation. Theme: Exploring the human body as a muse, “Corpus” features a variety of artistic expressions, spanning traditional…

  • Prisma 5 – Call For Artists

    Prisma 5 – Call For Artists

    In times of relative democratization of technologies, it seems that creators depend less and less on others to carry out their work. There are those who believe that individualism is one of the marks of contemporary art. However, here and there proposals born from the effective collaboration of two or more artists come to light,…

  • PRISMA 4 – Curating in Virtual Space

    PRISMA 4 – Curating in Virtual Space

    Behind many exhibitions of visual arts is the figure of the curator, in charge of spinning themes and speeches, to function as an interpreter between the receiver and a certain aesthetic proposal. The Havana Biennial has been, throughout its history, an eminently curatorial event, focused on reflecting on the problems of the Third World through…

  • Results – Cuban Digital Art & Crypto Art Market

    Results – Cuban Digital Art & Crypto Art Market

    In its quest to contribute to the promotion and presence of Cuban art through its artists, ArteMorfosis – Cuban Art Platform, convened ‘PRISMA 3 – Cuban Digital Art and crypto Art Market’, with the purpose of encouraging the presence of Cuban artists in the art spaces of NFTs, a phenomenon that in recent years has…

  • En el centro de abril
  • New Year Resolutions

    New Year Resolutions

    ArteMorfosis has aksed Cuban artists to make a short video of their New Year Resolutions as artists. The selected videos have been published on our facebook page and a selection of entered works have been chosen for an exhibit in the Showroom in Zürich. The date will be announced when the Covid-Situation allow for the…