ArteMorfosis is now accepting bitcoin

With the bitcoin rising in value, it is increasingly interesting to purchase art with your bitcoins, cash in on the achieved gains and spread the investment risks on unrelated investment opportunities.

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From an investment point of view, Cuban art is interesting, since it is systematically undervalued. The art-prices any given artist can achieve depends mainly on his home-market, which drives the general value of artists. The Cubans adore their painters, but they mostly do not have incomes allowing for purchase or collecting of original paintings, rather they by prints and frame these. This has kept the valuation of contemporary Cuban artist at vary affordable values. With the increasing international interest for Cuban art, these paintings will unlikely decreasing in value, the opposite should rather hold true.

For a gallery specialised in Cuban art we like to point out, that our collectors primarily purchase art from Cuban painters because of the aesthetic and artistic value of the works – The internationally very competitive prices are generally just a welcomed side effect.

For all purchases in the gallery, we are now accepting bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies support by coinbase. As purchase price in your chosen crypto currency, we apply the current rate as published on coinbase at the time of purchase.