Yuniell Pérez (Moti)

Self portrait / Autorretrato

Painting - 2020
Acrylic on canvas and synthetic mesh
100 x 100 cm
2,800 USD
Artwork Statement

Giving Color to Feelings is a series that emerged in 2019 that tries to discuss moods and their possible pictorial translation. The consideration of color as a qualia, the way in which we subjectively capture color, is the essence of my work. I superimpose two or three layers of mesh to the canvas and in each one there are colors that hide the black and white of the initial fabric. This compositional synergy encourages the viewer to break with traditional visuals, to get closer and try to discover what is in front of and behind each pictorial plane, to look beyond what is seen with the naked eye, to reveal the background of the canvas, the layers that watch over and modify it.
I constantly use psychological color as a resource to capture the emotional reflection of the person represented. Leaving aside the clichés related to the association of colors with certain feelings and moods, I am also fascinated, through color, to provoke visual sensoriality in the receiver.
This is the first self-portrait that I take and the only male face in this series; I am interested as one of the characters represented to put the self-analysis of the psyche into consideration.