Yuniell Pérez (Moti)

Privacy / Intimidad

Painting - 2020
Acrylic on canvas and synthetic mesh
104 x 144 cm
4,000 USD
Artwork Statement

Opening, the new series conceived during the confinement period of 2020, nods to the work of two relevant North American painters Richard Estes and Chuck Close. It results from the combination of the female portrait and reflections; either from broken glass or typical stained glass from various cities.

Similar to the series Giving color to feelings, I start from an initial portrait in black and white to which I add several layers of synthetic mesh, with different colors each. The levels of the layers operate as separation filters between the portrayed and the observer, providing a certain movement, depth and vitality. The female figures who star in the series speak of contemporary women, of the opening of the world to them, of their strength, empowerment, of their social fulfillment, independence, of the realization of their wishes; of hopes, wishes and dreams.