Yailen Sellén

The everlasting population of a preaching of praise to god / Los sempiternos habitantes de una prédica de alabanza a Dios

Print - 2018
Limited edition - Edition of 15
Ink on paper
80 x 122 cm
1,500 CHF
Artwork Statement

The work recreates one of the best known moments in the life of the blessed Father Francisco: his preaching to birds in Bevagna, a place in the Spoleto Valley (former city of the province of Perugia, in central Italy) ... Blessed Francis, ecstatic, he preaches a sermon to the praise of God and the birds - to which the Lord gave them the feathers that carry wings to fly - from the most diverse latitudes, in which the representation of the “tocororo” does not escape - National Bird of Cuba- and the white dove as a signifier of the "Holy Spirit", listen attentive and grateful.