Sandra Bianchini

The mask / El nasobuco

Painting - 2020
Acrilyc on canvas
50 x 69 cm
420 USD
Artwork Statement

Before this quarantine, the mask or chinstrap was incorporated as an element of fashion in Asia. Countries such as Japan, Korea and China imposed the use of the mask in their day to day long before the coronavirus. In the Asian market it is so incorporated that they are offered with a thousand and one designs, and even luxury houses make their own masks and face masks. At present, this precautionary instrument has become an indispensable part of our routines in practically the entire world. Covering your faces to protect yourself has become a habit. For this reason, it seemed like a good inspiration to decorate one with my technique and turn it into an artistic element. In the express elements of nature as an indispensable place to relax and have a serene time. The art world has been affected by the quarantine. For this reason the mask is symbolically protecting the painting. It seemed like a good metaphor to describe the current circumstance.