Rolo Fernández

The nothing / La nada

Painting - 2020
Acrilyc on canvas
135 x 180 cm
1,200 USD
Artwork Statement

Throughout the ages, man has tried to decipher the world from what we know, such references serve to warn us of new imaginaries.
The constant games of the imagination and the confinement due to the pandemic, a situation in my life that conditioned me and led me to build ̈M UNDOC Ó SMICO ̈ ... a series that allowed me from quarantine to travel through other worlds without leaving home, the dream, the illusion and the concern seized me and made me question new creative forms in my work, where the individual as a central figure transits in different imaginary contexts, go through the mirror ...
The symbology, the text, and the subjectivity allow me to delve into dreams as visual reality ... later I wake up and realize that I am a mere mortal