Olivia Torres Díaz

Let me tell you, you have a great sense of comedy. / Permítame decirle a usted que tiene un gran sentido de la comedia.

Painting - 2023
Oil on cnavas
65 x 48 cm
1,000 USD
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Artwork Statement

There are too many ways to heal. Everyone looks for their path that leads them to it. This series shows images of life that evoke that: healing, acquiring energy to continue facing the same, the new or the past. That is why, in the trance of sleep, in the pleasure of sex, tasting coffee, reading a book, in the liberating nature of dancing or the spell of music, one escapes for moments into that ephemeral trance where problems evaporate. . “Healing” is about that: about the hedonistic sense of an increasingly busy life, about how to find what is enjoyable in acts as simple as they are everyday. Also, understood here, the act of carrying out something that comforts us: a grimace, a posture, a moment. The body, the human, is always the main actor in its own healing.

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