Nórido and Vila ( Yuris Nórido and Lester Vila)


Photography - 2020
Limited edition
Digital print on paper
42 x 29.7 cm
400 USD
Artwork Statement

“The Secret Garden” is a photographic series created during the confinement forced on us by the Covid 19 pandemic. At that critical moment for humanity, this mental, personal, always mystical escape space emerged, in which references and visions of the authors. The series approaches the male nude from a visual perspective that refers to the prevailing graphic aesthetics in the last decades of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. Starting from the painting of the French Gustave Moreau, it has a clear influence of the symbolist movement in the visual arts and also modernist and postmodernist poetry in literature, especially the work of Rubén Darío and the Cuban Julián del Casal, (figure that inspired and who is dedicated to this series), Regino Boti, José Manuel Poveda, Dulce María Loynaz...
One of the characteristics that define this collection of images is that all the elements used in each photo were photographed by the creators on their different trips around Cuba. Like a collage, everything is brought together to create an evocative sheet in a concept of beauty in which only art is enough. The naked bodies of contemporary men are dressed only with decorative elements from bygone eras that are scattered in buildings, tableware, altarpieces, cemeteries and museums throughout our country.