Nelson Céspedes

The girl

Painting - 2020
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 70 cm
1,200 USD
Artwork Statement

Modern art, as well as traditional art, go hand in hand. All art is simple inspiration that leads to a study of values ​​that must be interpreted in different dimensions.
In this series entitled, Dreams of a Geisha, beauty is the main one in charge of attracting the viewer, where Western Culture plays a fundamental role, making an analysis of subtlety towards the hidden perfection and the hidden by reflecting these characters in their culture so transcendental that characterizes them. The costumes, makeup or hairstyles are aspects that are not left to chance when representing this series. Thus, numerous points distinguish a Geisha; for their Art, their dedication to entertainment in the world in which they are displayed, the selection of their clothing and their chromatic force that identifies them so that they are delighted not only by their existence in society but also within the framework of Contemporary Art.