Nelson Céspedes

Royalty Gold

Painting - 2018
Acrylic on canvas
50 x 50 cm
Artwork Statement

... the industry of the superfluous, in the contemporaneity, acquires for many more and more the category of indefectible. Beyond glamor, the market is directed to a complex and obsessive relationship between the needs of the individual and the product, where the visual prevails over quality or utilitarian value.
This situation persists - which is not a conflict, but a one-to-one relationship - in all areas, as much as is possible in the context of globalization. Tourism as a locomotive, migratory processes, marketing and advertising are part of the framework.
And it is that the product is hierarchical from a kind of reverie, of nebula where –in general- very little identity has to do, but the appearance of “modernity”. It is the distorted merchandise between mirrors. It is the taste imposed like a toy. It is reality through a kaleidoscope.
Thus expresses a context. Works of medium and small format, made in acrylic on canvas in which advanced realism is easily perceived, rank that portion of Cuba, where contact with the outside world - remittances, parcels, visits, tourism, audiovisual consumption - frames the aesthetic taste ; informs, deforms and transforms it into a futile baroque style.
In Sweet Dreams, jams, souvenirs, decorations as symbols, are the basis of an intentionally kitsch pictorial proposal, which, beyond the pure artistic fact, constitutes a cry of alert.