Miroslav de la Torre Kozorez

Diogenes and the Kynikos / Diógenes y los kynikos

Painting - 2015
Oil on canvas
146 x 130 cm
1,800 CHF
Artwork Statement

The work discusses social and philosophical problems, based on intertextuality, parody or recontextualization. In both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, he proposes a way to dissect the notion of reality through components that refer us to the spatial, temporal, daily and existential. It seeks to overcome the everyday life of the object and make them independent forms, fictions.
Try to make art far from offering contemporary man a comfortable armchair in which he can for a moment forget his worries, oppose a very unpleasant mirror that forces him to face his inadequacies, to recognize his most painful contradictions.
On the two-dimensional level, the work starts from a first expressionist moment, to evolve towards a gestural and casual informalism. It uses the physical distortion and disproportion of the figures as an expressive resource, which accentuate the violence and dehumanization of the images, to move between abstraction and figuration.