María Fernanda Chacón Rivera

All Together

Print - 2023
Lasser print on pvc
40 x 100 cm
1,000 USD
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Artwork Statement

The cult of personality is a political phenomenon characterized by adoration and devotion towards a leader, based on the creation of narratives and symbols that resonate with the beliefs and values ​​of individuals. In the work, this cult is explored through political bodies and the popular masses, presenting ten outstanding speeches by leaders throughout history, highlighting its significance. These leaders, by becoming symbols, can be interpreted as physical embodiments of the collective feelings of society. "(All Together)" presents phrases said by them in relation to God in their original languages, whose interpretation could be seen as an expression of atheism or as a way of assuming divine power. Political leaders, as embodied messianic figures, represent and materialize the phenomenon of personality cult, rooted in the irrational behavior of people. It highlights how the body becomes a vehicle for the expression of this adoration and devotion. Likewise, it is highlighted that the power of ideology is established through acceptance as faith, a form of symbolic violence that alters individual and group value certainties. In the work, the human body is presented as a unified entity, symbolizing power, authority and adherence to ideology. This representation underlines the importance of unity and conformity within society for the legitimation of power and authority.

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