Marcos Esteban Hernández


Mixed Media - 2020
Charcoal and watercolor on paper
100 x 70 cm
410 USD
Artwork Statement

The proposed pieces are part of the High contrast series, developed during the months of confinement. Starting from values, contrasts and forms, that blur the limits between figuration and abstraction; I try to reflect on the current situation and its impacts.

High contrast refers, not only, to the formal treatment of images (in black and white), to the necessary balance between the stain and the loose line to form a solid and simple body; but also to the existence of an extreme situation, which limits us in actions and possibilities, although with different nuances. The isolation, the uncertainty, the introspection, are noticed in the pieces that make up this series; but also hope and light, which, in the form of a chrysalis, suggest the metamorphosis, change and transformation necessary to restore the balance and continuity of our existence.