Marcel Molina

Sugarmill / Ingenios

Print - 2014
Limited edition - Edition of 8
Ink on paper
40 x 100 cm
450 CHF
Artwork Statement

Cuban sugar: From production to resizing

“(...) The plant stands as one of the symbolic resources most helped by the artist, the endless ordering and repetition of houses, ships and tombs, come to form a spiral that is footprint and profusion. For this creator, survival becomes an orderly chaos, governed by an equality that sister and at the same time submits all things to a desperate condition (...) to this set, works that add a playful factor and strengthen the exchange with the receptor; these are proposals that recreate a more agile metaphor and propitiates another look at the complex issue, so that “destruction does not seem like the final gold of an aberration, but, so to speak, the first step of an effective-albeit fictional-reconstruction” .