Lidzie Alvisa


Photography - 2016
Limited edition - Edition of 5
Digital printing on hahnemühle paper
60 x 120 cm
4,500 CHF
Artwork Statement

The constant renewal, experimentation, the search for new languages ​​and concepts, are pillars through which my work travels. My behavior in the field of creation has a lot to do with my own personality, which is why my work is permeated by that intimate discourse. Without classifying myself as trends or themes, I fully assume creation, I cover issues from the particular to the general, and from the individual to the social, which subtly come to find an existential or philosophical background. My poetics stems from personal experience, invocations to the domestic space, to the daily life of home and work, which in my first woodwork and my later work with pins, acquire a dimension within the theme of gender. However, I intend to go beyond this, I am interested in the duality of signs, which I make coexist in confrontation or harmony, dialoguing about the space of the public and the private, pleasure and pain, and so on other antagonisms. The pin in many cases assumes this antithesis, it may be piercing a delicate black box, subduing the female body, or representing the life-death binomial. My work in general tries to take a reflective look at sensitive topics, a kind of meditation that invites us to rethink the true essence of things.