Lidzie Alvisa


Photography - 2007
Limited edition - Edition of 5
Digital printing on hahnemühle paper
66 x 100 cm
2,000 CHF
Artwork Statement

My interest in these works is to reflect on certain methods that we use in everyday life to scale social positions and that involve the harm and damage of others. I am concerned about how the dynamics of life in certain spheres, including that of art, conditions the subject to crush and hurt others in order to materialize their endeavors or develop their interests above others.
The triple-edged race would be the piece where this statement is clearer. The captured career of several individuals alludes to the rivalry when reaching some purpose, the metallic spurs refer to their crude and irrational character. More than competition, it is about persecution and annihilation, where each step taken by one person lacerates another.
Portrait only of the legs, trying to erase individuality and thinking of hiding faces to connote the "blind" nature of the race: not looking at who or what is in front. At the same time, the legs represent the quintessential member of the motor body, which allows us to move forward and support all our weights for life.