Leo De la O Reyes and Daniel Ernesto Martínez Reyes

The Body has Memory / El cuerpo tiene memoria

Mixed Media - 2023
Mixed media/digitized negative printed on canvas
150 x 100 cm
2,500 USD
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Artwork Statement

Beyond the pleasure of working with photography, the work of Daniel Martínez and Leo de la O has several points of convergence, similar intentions at the time of creation and conceptual matrices that are interconnected.


Through social photography - mainly portraits - Daniel seeks to reflect moods, delve into the psyche of his models, not to individualize them, but to turn them into prototypes that respond to specific social patterns, in such a way that the viewer sees himself reflected. interchangeably in each of these individuals. Its leitmotif is psychosocial phenomena, which are generated in the context of a society immersed in abandonment, loneliness, suffering and despair. He uses games of light and shadow and objects that he carefully chooses to recreate an emotional space in tune with the human model selected for the portrait.


Leo de la O feeds on memory, transforms it using mixed technique. Starting from a process that begins as a layout and digital manipulation of the main photograph, superimposing other images taken from the photographic archive until concluding with pictorial manipulation through the color fillings applied on them. His intention to decontextualize the main images to give them a new meaning translates into a game with the psyche of the viewer, who will be able to find in Leo's works a piece of himself interspersed among the many stories that make up his pieces.


The photographed subject, the photographer, the artist who rediscovers the image and the observer become a heteronym that integrates the history of personal and collective imaginaries into their co-determined world.


“We are interested in the portrait being the protagonist… in generating the sensation of rediscovering an image that is already part of a memory, that already has a story”

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