Jordan Rojas

Refuge / Refugio

Painting - 2020
Charcoal on canvas
20 x 20 cm
180 USD
Artwork Statement

In recent years I have felt attracted, seduced, enchanted by the faces, by the psychology and the experiences of those beings that have accompanied me throughout my life. Works where the metaphysical load is deduced from the permanent struggle between the lights and the shadows, they start from my earliest experiences, which come from childhood, from my way of perceiving the world at that stage. Currently, I have found a way to express the feeling related to these first experiences. Now from a sharper, more mature perspective, where the drawing of familiar faces finds in my hands a way to exorcise demons. In the creative process I do not carry out a simple visual representation to show the realistic charcoal drawings. Rather, I intend to show a kind of thesis where premonitions are part of those beings, who tell what the viewer does not know. The shadows in my works are voices that struggle to be heard, darkness that suggests a dramatic atmosphere that can mutilate or exalt the psychology of those represented.