Erich González Triana

Cuatro caminos y una travesía / Cuatro caminos y una travesía

Installation - 2021
Metal, ceramics, corn grains, tobacco, corojo butter, grated coconut, caramel, paper and wax candles.
64 x 32 x 32 cm
1,300 USD
Artwork Statement

Basically the visual discourse in my works is very simple: the wide versatility of existing conflicts. With a marked interest in the connection between the viewer and the work through the multiple symbolic and metaphorical connotations that can be interconnected through it. The reflection of the problems that can afflict those who suffer from them, the excessive use of power, human relations, dialogue, political and social problems, migrations.
The use of certain atypical materials and experimentation with them is my priority to achieve a visual impact on the individual reflection of people. This opens up the possibilities for me as a contemporary artist to reflect them in different ways depending on the context in which they are displayed. The wide variety of media or techniques in which I can express myself commits me to move away from conformism and some conceptual extravagances to justify the fragility of the topics I address. Whether on canvas, installation, sculpture or other supports, the environment, the atmosphere that I want to capture will leave the message of a reality that must be exposed to reflect and raise awareness through art.