Alejandro Lescay

The waiting / La espera

Drawing - 2020
200 x 250 cm
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
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Artwork Statement

“The Waiting” project establishes its foundation in a kind of register, of sociological comment on the expectations or desires of a large group of people with whom I interact within my broad social context. The close relationship between the individual and the epochal dilemma constitutes the priority analysis on which this proposal is based, in which the two-dimensional and the installation are combined.

To achieve an adequate visual presentation of the idea, I have resorted to a series of creative resources: the choice of portrait as the main genre of representation; the symbolic exaltation of the subject's social and professional origin; the aerial perspective, in a dive, of perception of the figures; the exaltation of the look or expression with which the subjects observe -and even defy- the searching eye of the artist; and the altitude dimension as a parable of the presumed or coveted.

The elaboration of the drawings using the scratchboard method helps to highlight the expressive and dramatic density of the images that make up the set. On the other hand, the relationship that is established between the portraits of small formats, made in black and white, and the subsequent museographic manipulation of all of them in a conglomerate effect, of integration, it contributes to granting a sense of metaphorical priority to that correspondence -not always open, fluid- between individual and collective, local and regional aspirations.

It is important to clarify that for this specific delivery of Post-it I have prepared a reduced version of the project; since my intention is to be able to display a greater number of pieces (approximately 150) around the walls of the chosen gallery.