Ailyn Martínez González

The Unbreakable Wall / El muro inquebrantable

Photography - 2023
Digital print on paper
41 x 36 cm
500 USD
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Artwork Statement

Viewed as the central epicenter of our lives and the tacit proof of our existence, the human body ultimately becomes the only true planet where all the elements of the universe converge. It is more than just a temple or tangible matter filled with vital organs; it is also a metaphor for the intangible, a manifest projection of the deeply spiritual, and a tangible mirror reflecting our capacity for resilience and the dignity of the years we have lived.


This work (a self-portrait) is crafted, felt, and executed as a visual poem, opening its narrative to a myriad of interpretations by each viewer. The semiotic, subliminal, metaphorical, and conceptual elements reflected in the human subject go beyond the metaphorical 'spine' that women often represent in daily life – bearing the weight of our responsibilities and challenges, and unyieldingly confronting them with determination and strength. We stand as symbols of growth and resilience in the face of the tangible difficulties we experience.

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