Adrian Socorro

Rooster # 1 / Gallo # 1

Painting - 2020
Acrilyc on canvas
30 x 21 cm
Artwork Statement

As an artist I have a constant need to understand my existence, to understand it from the philosophical and conceptual analysis of my social, political, cultural, visual, imaginary and real environment. I have a degree in Sociocultural Studies, which gave my career as an artist enough tools to decontextualize landscapes and portraits, my most specific lines of work, and return them, from an apparent real tranquility, wrapped in a title, as a discursive proposal of my time . I become a chronicler, a narrator of my days. In the XXI century I have my studio in the most popular artery of my city, Calle Narváez, and at the same time in front of a river, the calm waters of San Juan, its name. This geographical condition also determines my work, giving the same apparent tranquility to my paintings, to my artistic self in general. As an artist I choose painting as if not for life. I am a painter, an easel, and that places me in a constant commitment to the history of my life, taking it completely to the canvas and from there to the eyes of the visitor who comes every second to see me work, because like Saint John himself, the doors of my studio are always open.