Pepe Menéndez

Pepe Menéndez (1966, Cuba), Cuban graphic designer born and living in Havana, works mostly for clients from the cultural branch, i.e., publishers, art galleries and the film industry. Has been leading the in-house design office of an important cultural center in the island for over 20 years. A graduate from the Cuban university of design (ISDi), he has travelled the world lecturing, presenting poster shows and conducting workshops. His work has been widely published and exhibited in magazines and books, as well as taken part in international design competitions, mainly poster biennials. In two occasions (Quito and Seoul) he was invited as international jury member. Great enthusiast of posters, he founded The Poster-Friends Club in 2007, a local group of admirers of this art. His collection of Cuban posters is the second largest private collection in the island. As a joint effort with another colleague he was able to produce the book Poster of the Revolution, in 2017. National Design Award, for lifetime achievements, in 2021.