Daylene Rodríguez  Moreno

Daylene Rodríguez Moreno

Matanzas, Cuba (*1978)
About Artist

Daylene Rodríguez Moreno was born in 1978 in Matanzas and currently works and resides in Havana. She is a visual artist, works as a professional photographer. Member of the national Association of Writers and artist of Cuba. Self-taught, from a very young age she felt a passion for photography and developed a personal search that focuses on the destinies of contemporary human been facing loneliness and lack of communication. She is interested in various everyday situations, as well as longings, nostalgia, desires and frustrations. The photographic medium offers her the possibility of having a more direct relationship with the context and at the same time more intimate, being relevant in her creative processes a view from her personal experiences.

In her artistic proposals we can observe different means to develop her ideas, such as photographic installation, sculpture, performance, happenings, video art, among others. Her series have been unfolding from questions that at times become critical and then move towards a more intimate lyricism. The agile, daring and deeply human gaze of this photographer places us at a point of no return that delves into the very essences of the nature of the current times. Her constant search for her roots has led her to proposals such as Karoline's World, Return to Turieno and The Unfinished Journey. Her need to tell the story of the women in her family has led to works such as 423 years, Isabella in Confinement, After the Storm and Woman, mirror of emotions series.

Since 2006 he has developed intense activity through personal and group exhibitions inside and outside Cuba. Among them, those organized at the Fototeca de Cuba, HB at the Habana de Génesis Gallery, the “San Alejandro” Academy of Fine Arts and the last four editions of the Havana Biennial stand out. His pieces have also occupied space in institutions and galleries in the United States, China and Europe. Recently exhibited in Madrid and Germany. Her works have been published in magazines, catalogs and art books inside and outside the country. More than twenty awards and distinctions have been accumulated in the prolific career of Daylene Rodríguez Moreno.

Daylene has also been interested in “constructed” scenes, showing a particular interest in the body, the passage of time and the subjective introspection of women.