Alejandro Gómez Cangas - Expectativa No. 5
Alejandro Gómez Cangas – Expectativa No. 5

Alejandro Gómez Cangas’ (*1986, Villa Clara) exhibition is based on a simple narrative structure to tell the life story of a character, and in turn a collective story is narrated in parallel. These two stories strongly complement each other, due to the symbolism that surrounds the act of planting a seed and taking care that it grows and develops successfully. 

Exiting to new lands can overcome the risk of infertile terrains and plagues of extreme climate, but there will always be those who prefer to water that dry tree and wait, with that Tarkovsky faith, for it to bloom again.

Cangas’ work process in general begins with an extensive photographic, random and individual investigation of the most diverse and common characters in our society. Without models or poses, these selected people are extracted from their authentic everyday reality and recontextualized in a deliberate gesture of artistic manipulation. Subjects who march towards an unknown direction, as part of an infantry that maintains its goal on the path itself. In this way the pieces particularize the psychology of the characters, the spectator is forced to scrutinize the peculiarity of the individual gestures and observe that mass of which we are part in one way or another.

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