Evelyn Aguilar Sánchez


Drawing - 2020
Ink on paper
24 x 34 cm
450 USD
Artwork Statement

Studies for an Armor is presented as a shield for real and imaginary memory in the inexorable context of isolation; where the act of writing has no more justification than confessing questions and answers; to convert the poetic moments of life into images; of making her own objects and random moments. In this proposal we find the stillness of movement and my tireless need to resurrect each one of my memories. The text is erected in order to reproduce my experience and visual imagery, through strokes that make explicit the most genuine emotions.
In previous works I have concentrated on exploring my relationship with memory and its way of representing itself. This proposal is motivated by the analogy between time and the customs of man, which generate questions present from the very genesis of the project: how can we materialize the character in the word? How is the “I” manifested through these handwritten drawings? These issues have been discussed both from the rational and from the symbolic plane, marking a transcendence in science, religion or the human soul. For my proposal I use the personal reference, the historical memory, the rupture of time to question the presence of the "I" in the events of the past and the present. Words like memory and immovable, if written together, can only be understood as a metaphor in permanent alliance with time. For me the absence of these instants -in no case trivial-, define the temporary or lasting state of people and things.