Dorian Agüero Anaya

Conjunctural Genetics # 1 / Genética coyuntural # 1

Painting - 2020
Oil on canvas
105 x 105 cm
2,000 USD
Artwork Statement

"A hunger artist" is a series of works that emerges as a new variant of my work with cattle (cows and bulls) based on their importance and historical-social and economic connotation in Cuban society. In this series I start from a surreal and amorphous point of view, based on the theories of Biogenetics and the Super Animal, endowing them with the gift of abundance, infinite productivity or at least superior to the standard canons. A bit to confront the ideas that are manifested in the world about hunger, exhaustion and / or food shortages, and to tell my direct personal experience in a country with great economic difficulties, aggravated in these times of pandemic.