Donis Llago


Painting - 2013
Oil on printed canvas
83 x 150 cm
3,000 CHF
Artwork Statement

In the series Contradiction I handle the theme of how the new technologies have taken over that sacralizad place that once belonged to the art tradition, in this case painting. I am interested in opposing precisely the role that the technical tools have come to play in the face of the art handicraft; a kind of vindication of the traditional form in opposition to the opportunities of manipulation, reproduction and creation of images offered by the new technologies, whose outcome may be more or less artistic. That is why I create at the same time and in full ambivalence an image that paradoxically simulates being manipulated digitally, when in fact it was made in the style of the purest easel painting, so to say.

The series Contradiction contains medium format works of 150 x 85 cm, in mixed technique digital print and oil on canvas. I work with images of Havana from the fifties, particularly from the coast, of places that have endured partial or total transformation, with the purpose of insinuating how the open road of technology also makes it possible to transgress and contradict a reality and then reconstruct it according to dissimilar posibilities. In this case, the images have a nostalgic air, since they express the contradiction between what could have been and was not, and what it is at present; and at the same time they reject the standardized use of digital programs in the face of the traditional artistic creation, based on handicraft. However, and this is a further contradiction – in the luckiest sense of the term –when I make them coexist and complement each other.