Alejandro Jurado

The silk road I / La ruta de la seda I

Painting - 2021
Oil on canvas
70 x 50 cm
700 USD
Artwork Statement

Everything starts from my personal experience, from moments connected in memory, the stories of each artwork are timeless, they flow into each other: past, present and future work as a whole. The composition and structure of the landscape is only used to locate them in time and space, references to a particular place can be found, but all from the perception and interpretation; they can be places that have not been inhabited from which in one way or another comes the abstraction, it is not that a physical place but the landscape that from within speaks of autobiographical themes. Personal stories and experiences are not shared, only the feeling that in each work something happens and that something is important enough to be painted. This explains why the serial works always function as an archive of each stage, each personal change promotes the production of a new series. The musical references in the titles of the artworks have an remarkable importance since they are the soundtrack of each story where nothing is evident, only an ambiguous reference, a testament in images and sounds.