Alejandra Oliva and Manuel Lugo


Painting - 2020
Oil on canvas
150 x 150 cm
4,000 USD
Artwork Statement

Society is going through a process of transformation from the new coronavirus pandemic. Along with the lifestyles forcibly modified to survive the health crisis, the way of perceiving has also had to adapt. Browsing the Internet and the intensification of the use of social networks as a means of communication, has led to receiving a reality mediated by the image, whether fixed or moving. We perceive interpretations, colors modified by filters, selections of moments that the protagonists choose.
The work in question proposes the representation of an interior scene where the viewer or owner of the piece can add other paintings in superposition and originate a set according to their interest from elements of aesthetic value.
A new form of collecting is proposed, virtual in that the three-dimensional object is captured in oil on canvas. The individual who becomes a collector in this way, chooses the way to curate his collection, and can also add new pieces, as they are acquired over time, to renew his museography. It is therefore a dynamic work, in a system of collecting images. The object is possessed by having it pictorially represented, empowering painting with the possibility of synthesizing the other manifestations in the two-dimensional format.