Alberto Dominguez

The jump / El salto

Painting - 2019
Mixed media on canvas
300 x 200 cm
6,000 CHF
Artwork Statement

The formation of a nation is a process in constant change and development over time, a complex phenomenon that builds a symbolic panorama that can be perceived in the characteristics of its urban heritage; This being understood as sociopolitical evidence of the period in which it materialized. This process brings with it the appearance of symbolic islands that respond to the projections of the "system" in the immediacy of their contextual needs, to be evidenced in architectural buildings that, rather than being isolated by the temporality of their construction, are unified as timeless metaphors of the cycles social that have shaped the identity of the country. Historical references that, stripped of their usefulness and social function, remain upright as emblematic ruins that become transverse into decorative fragments of the portrait of a nation in transformation.